Saturday 16 August 2014

Running, Jumping, Throwing.


My grandsons have been watching bits of the present European Athletic Championships from Zurich, and I've noticed that all athletes have one thing linguistically in common.

Interviewer: Blah blah blah?

Athlete: Yeah; I mean.......

Why, I wonder, do they all feel it necessary to say 'I mean'?.... I mean, couldn't they say 'Yeah, like....'

The picture above is of Goldie Sayers (fellow OE). She came 6th in the girlies Javelin.


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  2. Politicians, athletes, actors, and anyone else who needs to speak with the media do these things so that they get some time. The half-second between the question and starting the answer means a lot when anything they say is being filmed. The exact words "I mean" seem like an American influence, though :-)

    1. Hi KK..... I'd wondered where you were!

      You're probably right, that split second thinking time is just enough..... although I wouldn't include politicians, they just reply about something entirely different.

  3. Like she was in front and then she sorta like beat me like. Yeah?

  4. It is amazing becouse in Hebrew too young people say "like" 10 times in a sentence with 7 words.

  5. My pet peeve is people on the radio - often science experts - who begin every answer with, "So…."



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