Tuesday 12 August 2014

Harvey's Haul.

On April 25th 2006, I planted the above Plum tree; it was to commemorate the birth of my first grandson Harvey J.

Since then it had only borne a few fruits, most of which were bug-ridden. However, this year for the first time it has excelled, and is laden with magnificent bug-less healthy fruits.

As Harvey J is with us at the moment we just had to celebrate his crop from his own tree, and everyone was in agreement about how; one of Grumsy's (Lady Magnon) fabulous Plum Tarte Tatins.

And here's the boy himself with his very own Plum Tarte Tatin. 

I detect a hint of pride..... quite right too!


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  2. Yumbo! Don't they look beautiful on the tree.

  3. Plums seem to be very fickle about whether they fruit every year or not - my Victoria plum only has two or three plums, the Damson a few more - not what I would call a successful plum year unfortunately. Your crop looks marvellous and the tatin looks delicious - planting the tree to celebrate his birth was a great idea.

  4. That looks yummy. So far I have had a good crop every year on my plum tree - I just hope it continues. May try a tarte tatin next year.

  5. A nice and appropriate way to mark both occasions Cro. It does look rather nice!

  6. The plum tree of Harvey
    Is utterly Marvy
    Leave it to Grumsy
    To cook up the plums-y
    Mangeons son tatrin
    tout le matin!

    Hmm, not my best work, but serviceable and bilingual!

  7. How wonderful that your grandson could be there when the tree's fruit were many and ready.

  8. Funny...I see him formulating plans for a spoon and perhaps some ice cream to go with lol.

  9. You are having a great fruit year Cro..and a grandson to share it with... couldn't be better!

  10. What fun! I hope Harvey J shared the plum tarte tatin. What wonderful grandparents you and Lady M are.


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