Sunday 15 July 2012

Weather Forecasters.

I'm really pissed-off with weather forecasters, they must be the only people on the planet who are very-well-paid for being constantly WRONG (apart from judges and politicians, of course).

One of my morning rituals is to look at the 10 day forecast from France's, after which I can plan my day.

But their forecasts are invariably random. Why don't they just look outside and see what's actually happening. What's the point in saying we're going to have rain NOW, if it's hot and sunny.

Isn't it about time that these people, with all their expensive fancy forecasting kit, should only be paid a salary if they get things RIGHT.

'Performance Related Pay'.


  1. Did we get out of the bed on the wrong side this morning. The picture and quote made me chuckle.

  2. ha! we same the same things in California! Forecasters should hang their heads in shame. Why even bother to forecast? Toss a coin why don't you?

  3. I'm still chuckling about the (absolutely genuine, UK) telelvision weather "forecast" in which a (yup - blonde) weather presenter explained in serious tones that there was a high pressure over England caused by '... all of the clouds pushing down on the air ...'

    I kid you not. Once upon a time (when they were also always wrong) the presenters were 90% meteorologists and 10% television, now it seems that they just have to be able to do their nails nicely and run a small Raymond through their hair. Harrumph.

    p.s. Sunni over Lincolnshire? Never entirely, while I live and breathe!

  4. I've just received my first wasp sting of 2012. It took objection to my cleaning out the hen house. Little blighter.

  5. Even worse over here in the UK, Cro. Love the picture though!

  6. Ouch! Sorry to hear about the wasp sting. And I know what you mean about the weather people. Ours have been accurate lately: Heat, heat, and more crappy heat.

  7. I am with you Cro, don't ever trust the weather(person.) They have ten thousand giga watts of something or other that is supposed to be state of the art, and they still get it wrong.


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