Monday 8 January 2024

Why do MEN drive WOMEN mad?


Below is taken from The Daily Mail, and is a list of things that women say drive them mad about men. I've been through the list and can admit to 8; maybe even 9. No wonder Lady M despairs! 

As you will see, it's a very long list. If you would like to add more foibles in a comment; please feel free to do so!

Which male foibles are on your 'ick list'?  

Our office straw poll came up with a list... 

Men who... 

  • Know their exact weight 
  • Whistle 
  • Take pictures with their car 
  • Take selfies 
  • Order a steak in a restaurant and then struggle to cut it 
  • Shave their underarms 
  • Drink white wine 
  • Walk too slowly 
  • Wear leather jackets 
  • Like milky coffee 
  • Mention astrology 
  • Order diet versions of a drink 
  • Split the bill 
  • Use the menu on the chocolate box to pick a chocolate to eat 
  • Order a dessert 
  • Only wear baseball caps backwards 
  • Read books about getting rich 
  • Mansplain everything 
  • Have short fingers 
  • Have long nails 
  • Always holiday in Spain 
  • Make a noise when getting off a chair 
  • Talk about their ex 
  • Are overly touchy 
  • Are addicted to porn 
  • Have a weird laugh 
  • Hold cutlery with an overhand grip 
  • Trip when walking 
  • Can't clap to a beat 
  • Are sunburnt 
  • Have feet that dangle out of the end of the bed 
  • Push a pull door 
  • Say 'can't wait' when you arrange something 
  • Have a short neck 
  • Eat breakfast Take baths 
  • Don't read 
  • Are picky eaters 
  • Take off their necklace/chain before getting intimate 
  • Run for the bus 
  • Order cocktails 
  • Have lone grey hairs in their beard 
  • Wear Lycra 
  • Press their legs together on public transport
    • Buy mints rather than chewing gum 
    • Set more than two alarms for the morning 
    • Drive at exactly the speed limit 
    • Dance out of time to music 
    • Smile with food in their teeth 
    • Open food with the label upside down 
    • Study religion at A-level 
    • Don't have ice in the house 
    • Buy a body wash that isn't Radox or Original Source
    • Use a straw 
    • Play badminton/tennis 
    • Have a navy blue bath mat 
    • Have brown sheets 
    • Don't have a minimum of two sets of sheets or towels 
    • Don't swim 
    • Use something as a fake microphone and sing 
    • Have a reusable bag for groceries
    • Have fewer than four pillows 
    • Have more than four pillows 
    • Use 'x' or too many emojis 
    • Have posters 
    • Put a biro behind their ear 
    • Take ages to get served at the bar 
    • Say 'perfecto' 
    • Apply Vaseline with their baby finger 
    • Say 'lil' instead of 'little' 
    • Can't find parking spots 
    • Are rude to restaurant staff 
    • Chew loudly with their mouth open 
    • Are overly obsessed with video games 
    • Don't wear socks with shoes 
    • Talk about family wealth 
    • Play the air guitar 
    • Struggle to unhook a bra 
    • Use excessive punctuation in texts 
    • Leave a laundry pile in the bedroom 
    • Don't tip 
    • Run with a backpack on (or even worse if it's the kind with a water bottle built-in with a long plastic straw) 
    • Coo over cats 
    • Are oblivious to their bad breath 
    • Over-style their hair 
    • Order oatmeal/coconut/almond milk with coffee

    List compiled by Molly Clayton

List compiled by Molly Clayton 


  1. Molly Clayton needs to get a life.

    1. Hi Paul; good to hear from you! In her defense she was simply making a list of moans from a large survey of female office workers. Had it been her own list, I would have agreed with you.

  2. Replies
    1. Men are like that; a never ending list of faults!

  3. Seems to be a list of male habits of a younger generation.

    1. Probably, there are some strange ones amongst them.

  4. Nothing about toilet seats though. Have they finally learned that one. Certainly haven't around here.

    1. I agree, I'm always finding the loo seat down.... will they never learn?

  5. My husband admitted to walking too slowly and ordering a dessert. I added being too touchy! As JayCee said, seemed more younger generation.

  6. What were your 8 or 9? I am sure everyone would like to know!

    1. Walking slowly, long nails, making a noise when I get up from my seat, buying mints, reusable bags for shopping, can't find parking spaces, I don't wear socks in the summer, and I do like cats. Guilty of all.

  7. My darling late husband did walk slowly in his later years but he was otherwise well trained.
    God knows if there is a list that deals with what drives men mad about women, I expect I would fall short.

    1. I'm sure we can put up a list of what drives men mad.

  8. If that’s all that Molly worries about she needs to get a life

    1. She simply compiled the list from a questionnaire given to female office workers.

  9. Well, I don't get this list. It seems to be a mixture of male and female foibles. I googled Molly Clayton - what a doll! 97.4% of men would happily sleep with her - apart perhaps from her grandfather, father and brother.

    1. It's only a bit of fun. I have just deleted one person who didn't seem to realise that. I must google her myself.

  10. Having been widowed for a number of years, I've forgotten how infuriating men's habits can be! This has reminded me of one or two that my husband was guilty of, but although it took time, I reckon I had him pretty well trained!

  11. I have done maybe 20 of those.

  12. Anyone who spends that amount of time worrying about people irritating them whether they be they men or women either worrying about having the "faults" or making the lists really is a prime candidate for the SBC.

    1. It's a very comprehensive list, I think it covers almost everything men do.

  13. Given this list, I'd say, Molly presents with an anal personality. I like the quote, "Don't sweat the small stuff, it is all small stuff."

    1. I must repeat, it's not her list, just an amalgam of female office women's gripes.

  14. To all those criticising the writer of the column I would point out that she is a features writer and paid to write columns to entertain readers and sell newspapers. It is no different to the blog posts often written by Weave on her blog from ideas based on Section 2 features of her Times newspaper where readers remain able to see the humour of it. It is as Cro said, just a bit of fun.

  15. Some are spot on while others...
    Ice hanging off their beard
    Untrimmed nose and ear hair
    Are easily manipulated
    Think being cheap deserves a badge of honor
    Tells me not to swear (so much)
    Encourages me to swear
    Thinks women drinking Scotch are easy
    Buys cheap Scotch, and drinks it
    Claims back problems to be on bottom
    Wears black suit with brown shoes
    Baggy tidy whities

    1. Oh dear, I'll have to add at least another 4.

  16. I am not a man, but I do several of those things.

    1. I would count that as a badge of honour; but I would, wouldn't I.


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