Sunday 3 September 2023

Goodbye France


Our 3 months are up; it'll be another 9 months before we return to our little home in France. In the meantime the fire will stay unlit, the rooms will be cold and lifeless, and the front door will stay securely locked. We have a gardener coming in to keep things tidy, otherwise all will be still.

There'll be no more games around the pool, our Lutyens bench will remain un-sat-upon, and the dull black plastic winter pool cover will hide all vestige of this year's Summer fun.

When we return next June (god willing) there will be a new man living up at the barn. We shall continue to maintain the garden until the 'completion date', then it'll be all his. We're looking forward to meeting him.

Ahead of us is the 700 Km drive North, a stop-over in Orléans, and a 4 hr overnight ferry ride from Dieppe to Newhaven. Billy tolerates the trip quite well, but I know he'll be very happy to get home. I do hope he's not sick!!!

Our phone/internet cables are still lying on the ground. We have the new pole, but no-one has come to connect the wires to it (am I surprised?). Our neighbour's temporary electricity connection is still also lying on the ground behind our house. His six month maximum legal-limit connection has turned into more than FOUR YEARS, with one person lucky not to have been killed after 'mowing' over it. I wonder if it'll take another FOUR YEARS before he has a permanent connection made? No-one seems to give a sh*t. 

I can almost guarantee that both our phone cables, and the neighbour's temporary electricity connections, will still be lying all over the ground next June (watch this space).

So, goodbye France. My fingers are crossed for an uneventful trip. See yer back in Blighty, with all the 
hussle and bussle of Brighton! Gosh, the past three months have gone by so quickly. But we've had a really great time. We should be home on Tuesday morning.


  1. It's sad that you can't have six months each way, to make the best of both

  2. Do you leave the basket of twigs beside the fire and does it have spiders when you return? I hope the drive and crossing are smooth and uneventful. I guess the hustle and bustle will be exciting at first.

  3. Safe journey, hope all goes smoothly.

  4. Oh what a marvellous life you are leaving behind. I hope you return again next year and find all is just as you left it.
    Except of course for the internet and electric cables. France is worse than Greece which surprises me. Although of course it's the district council or electricity board to blame, not the country.
    Our water pipes have been replaced and it only took 2 years. Now we await the ashphalters.
    Hope your journey goes as planned and Billy is a happy traveller.

  5. "No-one seems to give a sh*t". Shouldn't that be no one seems to give un merdre? Bon voyage... or shouldn't that be "Safe journey!"

  6. Hope you have a good journey. As you say that three months has flown by so quickly.

  7. Your life between places may be an inconvenience, but adventurous just the same. Perhaps it is as it should be. Safe travels!

  8. Three months time in France hardly seems possible. Back to Blighty it is. Safe travels.

  9. These past three months have flown by. Safe travels, and we'll catch you at journey's end. PS: it never ceases to amaze me how adaptable Billy is.

  10. Somewhat off topic but have just come across this item in the Telegraph about Brighton:

    Welcome back to Blighty!


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