Thursday 29 December 2016

Happy Birthday Lady Magnon. "Suo Gân".

For Lady Magnon's birthday, and for everyone else who watched 'Carols from Kings' on Christmas Eve, here are this year's King's College choristers singing Suo Gan. It really is the most moving song; beautifully sung.

Suo Gan is a Welsh Lullaby from around 1800. If you wish to sing along, here are the words.

Huna blentyn ar fy mynwes
Clyd a chynnes ydyw hon;
Breichiau mam sy'n dynn amdanat,
Cariad mam sy dan fy mron;
Ni chaiff dim amharu'th gyntun,
Ni wna undyn â thi gam;
Huna'n dawel, annwyl blentyn,
Huna'n fwyn ar fron dy fam.

Huna'n dawel, heno, huna,
Huna'n fwyn, y tlws ei lun;
Pam yr wyt yn awr yn gwenu,
Gwenu'n dirion yn dy hun?
Ai angylion fry sy'n gwenu,
Arnat ti yn gwenu'n llon,
Tithau'n gwenu'n ôl dan huno,
Huno'n dawel ar fy mron?

Paid ag ofni, dim ond deilen
Gura, gura ar y ddôr;
Paid ag ofni, ton fach unig
Sua, sua ar lan y môr;
Huna blentyn, nid oes yma
Ddim i roddi iti fraw;
Gwena'n dawel yn fy mynwes
Ar yr engyl gwynion draw


  1. Happy Birthday Lady M. I will enjoy listening to Kings later - must rush out now.

  2. I cant listen to this now as I am in bed and I dont want to disturb the household but I also will listen later. Happy birthday Lady M. I watched the carols from Kings on Christmas Eve.

  3. Bore Da. I'm up early, having a coffee and listening with headphones. :) Thanks.

  4. Happy Birthday Lady M.
    My son's was a few days ago and mine is coming up. Lots and Lots of Birthdays.
    Let there be cake.

    cheers, parsnip

  5. Happy birthday Lady M. Many many happy returns.

  6. Happy Birthday Lady M. We hope you have a wonderful day.
    Not sure I can reach those high notes, so I'll just la, la, along !

  7. Happy Birthday Lady M. Many lovely days to you.
    Greetings Maria x

  8. Listening to this beautiful song while tucked under my bed covers, what a lovely way to start the morning!

  9. Such a lovely sound. Happy Birthday Lady M.

  10. Happy birthday Lady M. I am sure you will spoil her all day.

  11. Lovely song, but doubt I could sing along.

    Happy Birthday to your very pretty wife.

  12. Many happy returns of the day Lady M ..... have a wonderful day. I'm sure Cro has a lovely meal organised !!
    We watched Carols from Kings on Christmas Eve .... our son was a chorister years ago and we have sat in the choir in many Abbeys etc !!!!

  13. Please add my Birthday wishes to the rest. It was a wonderful programme. I think Suo Gân is one of the College standards.

  14. Come on now, admit it - you copied and pasted that, didn't you? Happy Birthday Lady M.

  15. Happy Birthday to beautiful Lady M!

    Thank you for the gift of being able to listen to that carol again. I did listen to the BBC Radio 4 broadcast on Christmas Eve. Tears were shed. My brothers were in a boy's choir at our church that also had this Lessons and Carols service.

    Best wishes.

  16. Your Lady is a truly beautiful woman. You are a lucky man. Please convey my best birthday wishes to you, and I hope the New Year will bring you both an happy, peaceful, and joyous life together. Blessings

  17. It's a lovely lullaby........used so well in the film EMPIRE OF THE SUN

  18. To my lullaby surrender,
    Warm and tender is my breast;
    Mother's arms with love caressing
    Lay their blessing on your rest;
    Nothing shall tonight alarm you,
    None shall harm you, have no fear;
    Lie contented, calmly slumber
    On your mother's breast my dear.

    Here tonight I tightly hold you
    And enfold you while you sleep,
    Why, I wonder, are you smiling
    Smiling in your slumber deep?
    Are the angels on you smiling
    And beguiling you with charm,
    While you also smile, my blossom,
    In my bosom soft and warm?

    Have no fear now, leaves are knocking,
    Gently knocking at our door;
    Have no fear now, waves are beating,
    Gently beating on the shore.
    Sleep, my darling, none shall harm you
    Nor alarm you, never
    And beguiling those on high.

  19. Happy Birthday to your Lady!

  20. I never miss Carols from King's - it starts Christmas off on the right note for me.
    Happy Birthday Lady M.
    Happy New Year to you both.

  21. Thank you everyone for your kind good wishes, they have all been passed on!

    Sorry I didn't reply to all your comments; we were away.


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