Saturday 1 February 2014

The 'Chasse' Clubhouse.

Our local hunters certainly know how to enjoy themselves. This is their wonderful tucked-away woodland clubhouse where, on hunting days, they party at mid-day, and party at night. 

Signs ask users to leave the cabin clean, not to drink alcohol at mid-day (some hope), and to make advance bookings if inviting visitors.

They have everything there; water, electricity, tables, chairs, BBQ, and even a few outdoor benches. well as plenty of reminders of the cabin's purpose (this is a Roe Deer skull). 

Lady Magnon accompanied me when I went to take these photos. Her only remark was "what is it about men and their sheds!".


  1. I suspect the hunters enjoy their 'shed' more than the actual chasse. Pas d'alcool le midi - ha ha!

    1. Those 3 hr Chasse lunches without wine? Not possible!

  2. Secretly, every woman is glad men have sheds and that they go to them frequently.

  3. My old shooting club had their Christmas dinner last night - in an old boathouse, now converted into a riverside restaurant.

  4. I bet they've told some tall stories around the bbq there!

  5. A perfect size shed for our new property. Send it over on the next boat will you?

  6. I'll have to find a photo of our hunting camp. DEFINITELY no power or running water ... unless a creek counts as 'running'. 80km in the bush. Wood cook stove. Outhouse (privy). Food cache high above in a tree too skinny for black bear or grizzly to climb but not so thin so's they could push it over.
    Hunting moose (you call them elk ) and what we call elk (wapiti) but not deer -too tallow-y unless you make jerky (brined pemmican) from the meat.
    Good times!


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