Sunday 31 January 2010

'Reve de Luxe'. by J Roger Clifford-Banks. 36 by 48 ins. Private collection UK.

I'm posting this rather poor photo of a painting from 1988 especially for Maiden Luxe. Her Blog is a 'must' for lovers of interiors, fashion, style, and all things French. I think Maiden's business is based in Australia, but like all 'true hedonists' she has a home in the beautiful south of France.
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  1. Nice, Cro. I remember all the humour in your paintings, and I see you haven't lost it.

  2. Someone recently said that all my paintings contain the same elements. A seagull, some trees, a gun, and a woman with big three'penny bits. Do I need therapy?

  3. I cant believe I missed this post! thank you... I think I was too busy sunning myself at the beach...but Im back now and will be much more focused..


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