Wednesday, 13 March 2013

My 30 Greatest Pleasures (not in any order of preference).

1. Chicken in all its forms.
2. Unsophisticated local red wine (either Merlot or Cabernet).
3. Paintings by Matisse, Derain, Kitaj, and Augustus John.
4. Lady M's Lemon Meringue Pie.
5. My 3 gorgeous children, and my 4 gorgeous grandchildren.
6. My house.
7. My village.
8. Instrumental Ska music.
9. Meat.
10. Haddock's (veg garden).
11. Christmas Day.
12. Latin.
13. Monty and Bok (our dogs), and Freddie (our cat).
14. Dark green glazed 'Biot' pottery.
15. French 18th C country furniture.
16. Fresh eggs from our hens.
17. Sunshine.
18. Patchouli.
19. Beer accompanied by Pork scratchings.
20. Pork pies.
21. Log fires.
22. Home made bread.
23. Strong blue (and other) cheese.
24. Writing.
25. Driving.
26. Kissing pretty girls.
27. Eating out.
28. Getting up in the morning without any aches or pains.
29. Hearing our church bells.
30. And finally;..... Swimming.

I shall now be going around, for the rest of the week, thinking of all the things I've forgotten.


  1. Excellent list. Hmm, I shall have a go at compiling my own. Starting with... No.1: The pig in all its forms.

    1. Having just eaten a bacon sandwich, I'm already regretting that I didn't add that myself.

    2. Well you did include pork pies.

  2. Replies
    1. My follow-up list will have to be Cro's Top 100. I've missed too much.

  3. Lady M knows about no 26, does she? ;-)

  4. I note hat while you rave about the wifes pies, your grandchildren home and no point do you rave about your wife. How typically husbandy of you lol.

    1. Lady M is on a much higher level; it would be unfair to even think of classifying her!

    2. Good answer Cro. I mean about Lady M being on a much higher level.

    3. it's a given that she ranks number one on the list -- goes without saying.

  5. You've made me think Cro. I'll see if I can name just 30.... It may take me a while to sort it out.

  6. HA! I noticed that, too, Delores.

    Cro, it seems that meat earns several mentions on your list. I guess that means you must be a member of PETA, like my hubby and me. That's People Eating Tasty Animals.

    1. I have toyed with veggie-ism during my life, but I'm just having to accept that I'm a true carnivore, through and through!

  7. About half of those would be on my list! Chicken, meat, fresh eggs, etc! Good list Cro.

  8. Hooray for arising with no aches or pains. Makes the other 29 more enjoyable.

  9. A list you can be proud of...

  10. Smashing list....set me to wondering about one of my own......

  11. All lovely simple things Cro.
    By the way, I notice Patchouli on the list, were you a hippy in the past by any chance.
    I love the smell of Patchouli it reminds me of my youth.

    1. I would never have called myself a 'hippy', but people do occasionally now refer to me as an ageing one.

  12. goodness you've gone and got us all thinking!!!...where shall I start?.....

  13. I am surprised that a pretty girl would allow you to kiss her, unless of course she was feeling sorry for you :)

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