Friday, 22 July 2016

Hot weather lunch.

Salad leaves, red and yellow Tomatoes, Melon, black Olives, Feta.

Chorizo, Rosette.

Ice cold diluted Lemon juice.

And loads of people.

Thursday, 21 July 2016


The change from Prime Minister Cameron to Prime Minister May went pretty smoothly.

Cameron took over a country on the brink of bankruptcy. Years of Blair/Brown Labour mismanagement  had left the UK close to disaster, and Cameron's cautious policy of some austerity combined with more careful management of the exchequer soon created increased employment, and its naturally following revived economy. At the end of his term he left the country with an unemployment rate of around 5%; (much the same as the USA) compared to France's over 10%, and Germany's 6.5%. The UK can now boast 74% employment; the highest since 1971.

He also left his term in office with the UK having the fifth strongest economy in the world, and the second strongest in the EU.

Theresa May has a difficult act to follow, but I'm sure she's up to the job. She's already surrounded herself with some very bright people (there's no shortage in the Conservative party). I wish her luck.

At her first PMQ's, yesterday, she performed extremely well. Like Cameron she managed to make poor Corbyn look like an inexperienced schoolboy. I though there was quite a hint of Maggie in her.

So, to say a final goodbye to Dave, I offer the following.....

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Laurier Rose.


No flower is more evocative of Summer for me, than the Oleander.

It comes in various colours; white, pink, and red, but for my garden it has to be red.

My one (above) is badly planted in a rather shady spot, and has only just started to flower; even so I can't pass it without smiling.

It should be noted that almost every aspect of the Oleander is highly POISONOUS. Take note children!

Tuesday, 19 July 2016



I prefer.....

Dylan to Jagger

Silver to Gold

Salmon to Cod

Kenwood to Kitchen Aid

Peugeot to Porsche

Blondes to Brunettes

Rugby to Football

Savoury to Sweet

Stone to Brick

Hot to Cold

Real to Fake

Slow to Fast

Quiet to Noise

Red to White (wine)

Country to Town

Home-grown to Shop-bought

Casual to Formal

and finally, My Village to Anywhere else in the world.

Monday, 18 July 2016


What can you do when it's so HOT.

Get up early (I always do anyway), try to get all tasks completed before about 9 am, have a swim, maybe have some slices of cold melon and a peach for lunch, siesta, swim again, watch The Tour de France, swim again, at 6 pm have a glass of wine and a few olives by the pool, swim again, throw something on the BBQ, relax as it cools slightly, bed. 

Oh;..... and Lady Magnon wears espadrilles.

Sunday, 17 July 2016


What went through the minds of the boffins at the 'Signal' factory, when they invented this stuff: I cannot imagine.

There was no mention on the packet that it was dark blue, and that your mouth would end up filled with navy coloured foam. 

The very first time I used it, I was quite shocked and imagined there must have been some technical fault at the factory (maybe there was).

I persevered for a while; I had paid a couple of Euros for it after all. But I've now decided that dark blue is not for me, and I've reinvested in some good old 'Colgate' white stuff.

At least, I presume it's white.

p.s. I've just used it, it's pale-bloody-BLUE.

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