Sunday, 20 May 2018

How to make Bouillabaisse.

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There is more rubbish spoken about the recipe for Bouillabaisse, than there is even for Cassoulet.

To add to all this rubbish here is the 100% authentic version; complete with the accent required to make it. I don't seem able to post the video itself, but just click on the link.... you won't be sorry!

You can't argue with this bloke....Enjoy.

Saturday, 19 May 2018

Went the day well?

Well, what did you think of it?

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I had intended to watch for about 10 minutes but was glued to the screen until the end. What a great bit of theatre.

Some of the frocks were nightmares, some of the hats even worse, but the whole occasion was wonderful.

We shared the event with our friend MM (a well known Aussie writer and broadcaster), and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

We drank far too much Champagne, ate a very pleasant salad, and generally approved of everything (other than the length of the sermon).

What could have turned into a farce, became an almost perfect Royal occasion.

When the chips's are down, the Brits probably do the very best shows on earth.  Well done to all involved.

Let the fun commence!

Well, maybe not quite yet. With the water at a bone-chilling 17 C, I think it'll be a while before we take a dip. 

Opening-up the pool is always fraught with danger. Will the pump work? Will all the pipes be stuffed with Toads? Will the water itself be luminous green?

Luckily all was OK. There were about four dead Toads on the bottom, but that was quickly dealt with. The water was very clear, and with a good dose of 'flocculant' all will be sparkling again in a day or so.

It's so nice to see moving water again. Yesterday evening we even returned to drinking our 'aperos' by the pool. Bok dangled his front left paw in the water, and somehow everything returned to NORMAL.

And just in time for the wedding too.

p.s. Prince Charles's offer to accompany Ms Sparkle up the aisle has changed everything. From having become a farce, it has returned to (what one hopes) will be a sophisticated ceremony...... Voila!

Friday, 18 May 2018

Boo Boo's great adventure.

At this very moment, Boo Boo is up on Hamilton Island on The Great Barrier Reef.

He's been swimming, sailing, and snorkeling amongst the exotic reef fish. When he's had enough, there's always time for just plain snoozing. A right little beach bum.

Lucky boy.

Hi Boo Boo; I'm jealous! Love from Grumpy xx

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Best Tomato?

If there's one Tomato that you should be growing at home this year, it's this; The Portuguese! 

The story goes that a certain Mr Dan McMurray was eating a sandwich in Portugal, and decided that the slices of Tomato it contained were the best he'd ever tasted.

He took out some of the seeds, dried them, and the results are now available worldwide.

I've grown them in the past, and they were excellent. It should be noted that as they are not an F1 Hybrid, one can save the seeds for the following year... and so on (even from a sandwich).

They have a solid consistency, very good flavour, and they produce large crops. What more could one ask from a Tomato; and, of course, you never need to buy any more seeds!

I've planted just two, along with a good selection of other varieties. My fingers are crossed for a good crop this year; last year's was dismal.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Wives, their names, and tradition.

It seems to be popular, these days, for new wives to continue to use their maiden names; I have even heard of husbands who adopt their wife's name.

But there is, of course, official procedure and etiquette to follow in such matters. It should be noted here that in France a woman's name officially stays as she was 'registered' or 'baptised'; calling herself Madame X is just a pleasantry.

Traditionally in England the wife of Mr John Smith is Mrs John Smith. If Mrs John Smith (née Miss June Brown) later divorces her husband, she becomes Mrs June Smith. This is how we know the difference between a married woman and a divorced woman. Nuance, m'dear.

In an upcoming wedding, where a divorcee is marrying a bachelor, the officiating priest should ask "Do you Harry Windsor take Mrs Rachel Endelson as your lawful wedded wife?" The response then might be "Er; I think you've got the wrong church Matey, I'm supposed to be marrying someone called Meg".

These days certain traditions are conveniently forgotten, even in the most elevated of circles. Next they'll be telling me that a 'mother of the bride' will lead her daughter down the aisle.

Surely not. Shock horror. STOP THE PRESS!

What larks.

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Doppelganger No 3,217

Mr Pastry; Well-loved 1950's TV comedian.

John Bolton; US National Security Advisor.

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