Monday, 27 June 2016

What a bloody mess!

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Just a few days ago I was by myself in the pool doing my 100 metres leisurely breast-stroke, basking in 30C of clear sky sunshine, and (unusually for me), feeling incredibly fit. Everything seemed perfect, and I smiled outwardly as I swam. Life was good!

Now I feel depressed and angry; not only because the referendum vote went against my way, but also because the result has brought out the very worst in people.

The 'cheap seats' are insulting both Dave and Boris, the press are blaming northern lefties, the Scots are wanting to leave the UK, everyone is gunning for Jeremy Corbyn, Corbyn is gunning for Benn, and the leaders of mainland Europe are plotting reprisals.

The Conservative party is in turmoil, the Labour party is in turmoil (it always was), and the Liberal Democrats are promising to re-join the EU. Frankly there seems to be no part of European society that isn't angry one way or the other.

So, what to do. Firstly I suppose we should detach ourselves from all the hatred, we should try to be positive, and we should just hope that someone with real guts gets to deal with Brussels. There's a big mess which needs to be sorted.

The inept Corbyn has now sacked his only front-bencher with an ounce of common sense, and half his team have resigned as a result. No doubt more reprisals are already being hatched.

As far as the Labour party is concerned, Hilary Wedgwood-Benn would make quite a good leader; he's a clear logical thinker (unlike his father). As for the Conservatives maybe Theresa May could do the job; she is forthright, calm, and intelligent, and she doesn't suffer her fools gladly.

There's a lot of shit flying, and frankly I don't want to be a part of it; wake me up when it's all over.

If only the Common Market had remained the Common MARKET.

Sunday, 26 June 2016

My little village. What's on, Summer 2016.

Having been a little depressed and confused over the past couple of days, here's something to boost my morale.


Everything from spit-roasted lambs, to Baroque music, a Pétanque competition, and a boot sale; my dinky little village puts on a pretty good selection of events throughout the Summer.

Well done lads, and well done to all at the Mairie.

Saturday, 25 June 2016

EU Blame.

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Over the years I have been VERY critical of the inefficient and interfering EU; and I think rightfully so.

It's not rocket science; if anyone is to blame for the UK's decision to ditch the union, it has to be those who run it.

There is no question that Merkel and her acolytes wish to control a European state. The Germans cannot forgive the loss of two world wars during the last century, and are now trying to spread their influence through financial and industrial strong-arm tactics instead. The people of the UK have simply said "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH".

Yes, I voted to stay inside the EU, but I can see quite clearly why the people of Britain voted to pull out.

I blame Merkel, the EU commissioners, the bureaucrats of Brussels, and all the recipients of gravy-train perks; I also blame the 'old boy network' at the top of the EU pyramid; just look at the Kinnock family if you want a classic example.

I also blame Blair's open door policy, and the pathetic Corbyn's limp-wristed stance.

But, don't worry too much. It's going to take a long time to detach ourselves from the club, during which time mainland EU countries will be shitting themselves hoping that, as the UK is no longer a member of their exclusive single market, we will still allow the huge amount of imports that we've been forced at accept over the past 40 years. We were even forced to accept 20% of our milk and dairy products from Europe; that can stop for a start.

If British politicians have the balls to take the upper hand, I'm sure the UK will thrive; if they allow themselves to be dictated-to as before, they will not.

Merkel, Hollande, Tusk, and Junker are all now expressing their sadness at the UK's leaving the fold. They really should have thought about that before, when Cameron was trying to negotiate terms.

In 1975 the UK joined a COMMON MARKET; not a COMMON PARLIAMENT.

Friday, 24 June 2016

Window Cleaning; French Style!

French hinges are not like UK hinges; ours slot on from above, and can be lifted off quite easily.

I don't clean windows too often; this isn't a show house by any means. But occasionally I do take the windows off, sponge them with soapy water, then hose them down to remove all the suds. It's easy, quick, and does the job.

These ones also needed a light 'oiling' with linseed; it preserves the wood and gives it a 'glow'.

The windows were made for us by a local man about 35 years ago, and have lasted very well. We replace bits of missing putty occasionally, but other than that they simply receive a really good cleaning about every five years; whether they need it or not.... More than enough!

Thursday, 23 June 2016

It's HOT; cyclists are melting!

With temperatures now reaching over 30C, there's really only a few things we can do. Either we spend our time in the shade here...


or we cool ourselves in the water here...

Otherwise I'm usually working here (which I do early in the mornings whilst there's still a bit of shade).

Or best of all we do a bit of this in the evening.

It's a hard bloody life.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Woof, woof.


I've shown this picture before, but as it's a favourite of mine I'm showing it again.

It's an 'American Primitive', painted on a split panel of what looks like hand-hewn Walnut. I imagine it was once part of a cupboard, and not intended to be framed as such. It has been partly 'restored' around the head and mouth.

On the back, in very faded ink, is written.... Mrs Ellen McAulay, Fitts Corner, Wyoming, 1842. No name for the dog, or why she painted him.

On several occasions when visiting dogs have seen the picture, they've put their front feet up against the wall beneath it, and barked. I think Mrs McAulay would have been very amused.

It hangs in our sitting room.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Mr White (son of chef).

                             Not so fun now: Marco was left stunned as the full scale of his antics with the actress, 30, were shown to him - followed by the hammer-blow that his fiancée Kim Melville-Smith had failed to turn up for the show

I don't watch 'Reality TV Shows'; I like to think that I still have some functioning brain (and reasonable taste), and I'm not particularly interested in watching other people have 'sex'.

But these shows appear to be popular, and are no doubt partly responsible for the ongoing decline and fall of the UK; not that I wish to put myself forward as an arbiter of public morality.

The idea of putting a bunch of Z listers in a pretend TV house, then waiting to see who shags who first, is to my mind rather abhorrent.

Mr White (with the tattoos above) may have his adoring pre-pubescent fans, but to most of us he's simply an attention-seeking half-witted Neanderthal lookalike. Unfortunately he now has that celebrity status which he so desperately sought.

Well, at least his mother loves him; actually I was just reading that she doesn't!

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