Monday, 30 November 2015

Meagre Pickings.

Usually we have a bigger selection of winter 'greens' at Haddock's, but this year I've been a bit amiss.

However, we do have a couple of favourites which we're tucking-into on a regular basis; Calabrese (green broccoli, above) and Curly Kale (below).

There's also a bit of Swiss Chard, but not enough to see us through.

It's a good thing the cupboards are filled with bottled Tomato products, and that we have boxes filled with Butternuts and Onions; otherwise it would be a grim winter.

Our Apples are fast disappearing. 

Sunday, 29 November 2015

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Bok is 5 (November 28th 2015).

Happily unaware of the fact, Bok is 5 years old today. He's been living with us for about 4½ of those years. I know nothing of his origins, and I doubt if he does either.

I've just consulted the Pedigree (dog food) age calculation page, and for his size, breed, etc, his age in human years is about 40.

Sometimes I look at him and try to imagine his muzzle being much more grey than it is now, his legs probably aching a bit, and his sprightly step reduced to a slow heavy arthritic trudge. I quite expect he'll be like that one day (as will I), and I'd like to be there to comfort him, and reassure him that it's all OK and it's just part of life's journey.

At times I wonder which of us will go first. I do hope it's Bok for various reasons. I honestly think that he'd be lost and miserable without me; this isn't a conceited observation, it's just how things are. I think I'd cope better without him, than he would without me. I'd also like to be there to see that he gets a proper send-off when his time comes. I'm sounding a bit maudlin, aren't I.

Dog and mankind is the greatest combination of different beings co-habiting. Somehow nature designed us to be together. I would be lost without my dear Bok beside me.

Happy birthday lovely boy. May we celebrate many more together.

He's sitting at my feet looking up at me as I write; very much like in the picture, which I'd taken about an hour previously.

Friday, 27 November 2015

Untimely and unhelpful words.

                              R├ęsultat de recherche d'images pour "Anti muslim newspaper headlines"

There are people who sit around all day trying to formulate logical sounding maxims, in order to confuse those who can't think for themselves.

In our present times of alert I thought this one was a perfect example.

"Not all Muslims are ISIS terrorists, but all ISIS terrorists are Muslims"

You can just hear all those in the cheap seats thoroughly agreeing, and passing-on the great words of wisdom in the pub'.

Of course the saying is totally idiotic, but it contains a twisted logic that many would find appealing, in a 'no smoke without fire' kinda way.

The 'popular' printed press (red tops) is awash with people who perpetuate such myths, and I do wish they would stop. It helps no-one, and only goes to give ammunition to those foolish radicals in our midst who thrive on such things.

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Christmas No 1.

With Wills, Kellogg, and Bunny off to Oz before too long, we're having TWO Christmases this year. Last night's was Christmas No 1.

No Turkey this time; we had a veggie dinner. A few crustaceans to start with, then stuffed peppers and nut roast with roasted vegs, then mini-Christmas puds (they were actually Rhum soaked chocolate brownies cut into rounds) with thick cream and cranberries. All very nice.

As the Beaujolais Nouveau had been released just a week ago, I though it right to make that our drink of choice; plus the Champagne, of course.

Bunny had  lots of prezzies (and tried to liberate most of the baubles on the tree) and a good time was had by all.

Now we have to wait another month before our Christmas No 2. 

Wednesday, 25 November 2015


I'm a tree fanatic; I adore them; especially at this time of year. When I'm feeling that I need a boost, it's in the woods that I find it.

This small parcel of woodland (above) used to be a cultivated field. Many decades ago it was abandoned, and has now been overtaken by what I think are Beeches. In early Spring I'm assured that it's home to hefty crops of Morel mushrooms; although I have yet to find any.

The combination of the carpet of Ivy and those slim tall trunks is staggering.

About 50 metres from the trees in the top picture is this beautiful Parasol Pine. I see it almost daily as it's on one of our regular walks. It's a wild, self-sown, tree, and as its wood is of little value it's been left alone to become old, and will no doubt end its days by dying and falling down. 

And this is one of the Parasol Pines that I planted a few years back. It has already started to take shape, and should grow to become a magnificent tree. Usually I plant trees that give something back in return; but in this case I wavered.

I may give it a hug this morning, as I've just noticed that it's a tad (extremely) frosty outdoors.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

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Lady M finds this funny; I don't.

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