Monday, 31 August 2015

Cute Kitty.

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Everyone say Aaaaaaaah.

Sunday, 30 August 2015

20 things that I really, really, don't like (in no particular order).

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1: Laziness
2: Waste
3: Lack of punctuality
4: Bread-n-butter pudding
5: Bad manners
6: The colour orange
7: Violence
8: Cold weather
9: Snobbism
10: Paintings of wide-eyed children.
11: Cars (or any machines) that don't work
12: Arrogant, insolent, neighbours
13: Very strong wind
14: Experts who aren't
15: Political correctness
16: ISIS
17: All crime
18: Snakes
19: The green bits (angelica) in mixed preserved fruit
20: and finally... The Corbyn/Lucas/Brand/Galloway/Sturgeon alliance.

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Apple Season.

Our apple portfolio consists of a Bramley (for cooking), a Jonagold, and this Reine de Reinette above. Both the Bramley and the R de R are covered in fruit; the Jonagold isn't.

The tree above is in the chicken run, which means I visit it every day; this morning I declared the fruit to be RIPE.

The French compare it favourably with the English Cox, but frankly it's nowhere near as good. 

France is not really an apple country, they are far better at producing pears. Pears like the warmth, apples prefer cool.

With all those apples hanging from the tree; I suppose we'd better get eating!

Friday, 28 August 2015

Ma boyz.

Since their arrival, the boys have spent much of their time in the pool (about 6 hours yesterday).

Otherwise they've been mushrooming, dining out, playing football, torturing Bok, fighting off pirates, riding the mower, and just being nice kids.

They're only here until next Wednesday, so I'm making the most of our time together.

Lovely boys, lovely dad, happy Grumpy.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

The Prodigy - Keith - Firestarter.

I  was never a real fan of Punk. I liked its irreverence and noisy anti-social protestations, but that was about it.

However this record has always been my favourite of the ilk, and that nice Keith Flint does a great job on both the vocals and the dance. A classic.

And here's that nice Keith Flint, back in 2009. Even his mother would probably talk to him these days (if it wasn't for that thing dangling from his nose)!

                                        The Kerrang! Awards 2009



Wills: What are those things over there, on the wall?

Cro: They're dumbbells.

Wills: What are they for?

Cro: For making me strong ( Cro flexes biceps).

Wills: Do they work?

Cro: How else do you think I got all these rippling muscles (flexing biceps again); of course they work.

Wills: How often do you use them?

Cro: Every day; several times even.

Wills: How come they're all covered with ivy then?

Cro: Well, erm, you see, erm..... ivy grows very quickly!

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Boo Boo.

When it's hot, and one's just eaten a hearty lunch, there's nothing better than half an hour's power-snooze in the shade of a comfy stroller, then maybe a little later a cooling swim before supper time.

Life's pretty good when you're a toddler. Boo Boo (as he's known to everyone except me) is really enjoying his first Summer up at his new home. He's already good friends with Bok, he is perfectly at home with Grumpy and Grumsy, and he knows his way around all the new garden nooks and crannies.

I often look at him and wonder what sort of life he has in store. My little Russian/Swedish/French/English grandson, who I still insist on calling 'Bunny'.

He will meet an uncle and two cousins for the first time today; Kimbo, Harvey J, and Ollie fly in from London to inspect the lad.

And, I hear that Sailor Suits are back in fashion.

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