Tuesday, 7 July 2020

The Pumpkin Patch.


Back in May I dug this dedicated Pumpkin/Squash bed. It measures just 1.20 by 1.20 Metres, and was heavily manured and composted. I planted 3 large ribbed grey Pumpkins, 3 medium sized red Pumpkins, and 3 Butternut Squash.


Now, just a couple of months later, it looks like this. I'm encouraging the growth to head North into no-mans-land. It'll be easy enough later to find the fruits amongst all the undergrowth.


There are even tiny Pumpkins forming. I'm predicting that we'll have a very good crop.

Monday, 6 July 2020

Another one bites the dust!


We had become used to frequenting a relatively newly opened bakery in our small nearby town.

It was run by a young couple (as are so many), who were very industrious and eager to please. You may remember my writing about their 'loyalty card' scheme to reward 6 baguettes de tradition purchased, with a 7th one free (above). An offer of which I often took advantage.

I now hear that they have closed, and the couple have already moved away.

Newcomers, as in so many places, are often viewed with suspicion. A couple opening a bakery in direct competition with another that had been long-established, is regarded with even more suspicion. The locals could not be seen to be supporting 'the enemy', so they mostly stayed with what they knew. We, on the other hand simply went where they sold the best bread.

Small town (I would call it 'village') mentality can be seriously detrimental to the overall welfare of life in the country. Employment is hard to find out in the Styx, and to hound-out two young people who were working hard to make a success of their new business is, frankly, disgraceful. I don't know all the ins and outs of the matter, but I'm pretty sure I know roughly what happened.

Had they been poor quality bakers, I wouldn't have given the matter another thought, but they were GOOD bakers, and for me that was all that mattered.

They won't read this, but I would like to send them my very best wishes for a more successful business elsewhere! I miss them.

Sunday, 5 July 2020

A Sunday Special: Was Christ black?


Dear Justin Welby, the Arch-do-gooder of Canterbury, has decided that we should 'reconsider the notion that Christ was white'. Since the recent death of George Floyd in the USA, skin colour has become all-important in just about every sphere imaginable, and Welby is not allowing Jesus to escape scrutiny.

Jesus is depicted as being of various skin colours; in white countries he is usually shown as white, and in black countries as black. In fact very little is known of his appearance, and the imagination of artists is as varied as their countless depictions.

The only physical description of Jesus in The Bible comes from Revelations 1:12-16, and I imagine that if one is prepared to believe in virgin birth, resurrection, and assorted gods and devils, it's no more far-fetched to believe the physical description of him in the all-important book.

                                  The Resurrection of Christ in Art: Six Iconographic Strategies

He is described thus: 'His hairs were white like wool, as white as snow, and his eyes as a flame of fire'. The description then continues to say he had feet the colour of burnished bronze.

Not much to go on, but we can at least start to build a picture. He was a Palestinian Jewish man, very blond, with striking eyes, and tanned feet. Welby, in his attempt to be PC, might have us believe that he was black. I think maybe he should read his Bible; unless of course he considers it to be a pick-n-mix book!

The two illustrations above show both he and Mary Magdalene as white and gingerish; not unlike many present day neighbouring Syrians.

May I be radical and suggest that those who wish to see him as white, continue to do so, and those who wish to see him as black also continue to do so. Just buy a picture for your wall that suits your own personal vision.

I'm no Christian, but I was brought-up in the traditions of The Protestant Church of England, and I refuse to be told that the Christ I've heard about for over 70 years was actually black. Next they'll be telling me that Martin Luther King was white.

Welby was born in 1956, so for the past 64 years he's been perfectly happy that his boss was a long-haired, caucasian, hippy, with Superman-like powers, so why (following the death of a black man in the USA) he should suddenly wonder if Christ was black, I really can't imagine; maybe he is simply following a knee-jerk trend.

Cro returns.


I've had a week's holiday, and am refreshed, de-stressed, and ready to take-up my pen.

Sadly I shall be keeping my comments 'moderated' for a while (which I really don't wish to do), just to filter out any idiotic remarks from certain trolls; and to retain what sanity I still have left.

Saturday, 27 June 2020

Cro is away.


It's Summer, and like many people I am going on holiday; in my case to Haddock's, to the woods, to find mushrooms, or simply to sit by the pool and contemplate.

This is my 3,860th daily posting, and I'm having a short rest. Maybe I'll feel differently next week, but for now.... bye bye.

Cute puppy.

   Why do we find puppies so cute? - BBC Science Focus Magazine

Friday, 26 June 2020

EEE, DEE, Bloody EFF.

We had a tiny 30 min storm last night. At midnight there was thunder, lightning, wind, and rain; and of course the bloody power went off.

It's become so predictable that we've considered buying a small generator to keep the freezers going.

One really would have thought that the EDF would have a night-time crack repair squad, who would rush to wherever some wires needed re-connecting. But NO; they wait till it's working hours, then leisurely make their way to the 'office', and after a few cups of coffee, and having read the paper, they might just go to work. 

We, meanwhile, had no lights, no electric kettle, and no internet. We simply have to wait, and pray that they don't go for an early lunch.

Anyway, we're now back to normality, and my blood pressure is slowly reducing.

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