Friday, 6 May 2016


Our May is now out, and time (over here) to cast those clouts.

With temperatures reaching 25C in the afternoons, my shorts and T shirt are order of the day.

Visitors will be subjected to very pale arms and legs for a while, but they'll just have to lump it.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Revolting Youf.

                            Afficher l'image d'origine

You may have seen pictures of  young people rioting in Paris on May 1st, and wondered what was going on.

Like young Socialists everywhere, the junior French lefties love to lob a few bricks at the cops whenever they can find the slightest excuse.

It must be said that French employment laws are a bloody mess. To employ someone costs almost as much in 'auxiliary payments' as the salary paid to the employee. One needs to think long and hard before offering someone a job in France; it's also bloody difficult to sack them if they turn out to be useless.

The Government has therefore decided to relax certain employment hurdles, and make it much easier to take on the unemployed. They have also made it easier for employers to lay-off staff when times are hard. In fact they are trying to bring Socialist France up to International standards; hopefully to reduce the crazy level of unemployment here.

Of course the unemployed hard left don't like this at all. What they really want is more benefits money, and to be left alone (whilst moaning about the evil Capitalist state).

Yup, young French Socialists are much the same as young Socialists everywhere. Their deep pockets are there not only to accept generous state handouts, but also to fill with paving stones and Molotov Cocktails when the opportunity arrises.

Nothing changes.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Floor & Roof tiles.

One of the things I really enjoy about living where I do, is having easy access to plenty of small scale artisans.

There is a wonderful feeling about going to some man, down the road, and asking him to make something for you.

At the small nearby village of Condat there is one such man. I've bought both my roof and floor tiles from him ever since I arrived in the area. All are hand made from local clay, and all are made in the same way that they've always been made.

Such small enterprises are not rare; I'm sure they exist everywhere. But here they're not regarded as a 'revival'; they never died away in order to be 'revived'.

These ones above are in our 'tower', and if you didn't know, you'd think they'd been in situ for over a century. Plain terracotta, a coat of linseed oil, and some polish, and this is what you get. So much nicer and healthier than industrial made tiles.

This time he just made me a few to finish a small job, but he was as obliging as if I'd ordered a truck-full. Lovely guy; lovely tiles!

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

I try again; Cro and Daughter.

Mr Blogger wouldn't allow to me to publish this picture recently, so I've had to photograph it from my laptop screen, and process it in a format that it likes. Sadly the quality has suffered.

My friend, S, who lives on an idyllic Caribbean island, is one of those meticulous people who saves, and files, every single photograph he takes, and has recently sent a whole barrow-load to my son in London. Mostly they are photos that we've not seen before. The above is one such.

My daughter, Tenpin, must have been about 13 when it was taken, and no doubt still had photos of Wham on her bedroom wall. She now lives in Queensland Oz and has two lively sons.

Me, I must have been in my late 30's, was still smoking Gauloises, and, amazingly, had some colour in my hair and beard.

I do enjoy looking back at old pictures, especially ones of me and my little girl.

Monday, 2 May 2016

Early mushrooms.

Mushrooms pop up in the most unlikely places, at the most unlikely times.

I found this rarity, Clathrus ruber, on the orchard lawn yesterday. It's not a particularly good example, so I've added a stock photo as well (below). 


This intriguing mushroom is sometimes known as Red Cage, or the Latticed Stinkhorn, or even the Basket Stinkhorn.

No-one seems to know if it's edible or not, on account of its terrible pong!

Best left in situ, methinks!

Sunday, 1 May 2016

The Future of the EU.

                             Afficher l'image d'origine

The EU is heading for certain disaster.

Applications for membership now include Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, and Turkey. All countries (I'm sure you'd agree) that would bring huge advantages to the few net contributors that would end-up paying their bills. The 28 member countries could soon become 33.

Were they all to be granted membership, it would mean that another 88 Million people would have rightful access to the UK's struggling Health Service, Schooling, Housing, and Benefits.

If the UK was to quit the EU, it would deprive Brussels of an annual £13 BILLION; some of which is already going to help these Balkan countries join the world's most generous benefactors.

I can't see it working; can you? Best to quit now, methinks.

(p.s.  Not really related, but a massive 10% of all 'European' prisoners in the UK are Albanians... imagine what that figure might be if they were all legally allowed access)

Saturday, 30 April 2016


                                          R├ęsultat de recherche d'images pour "alfred e neuman"

I can't count the amount of times that we've recently said to each other "That bloke looks just like Alfred E Neuman" (it happened again last night).

Lookalikes turn up reading the news on TV, at the supermarket checkout, serving in restaurants, and elsewhere.

Could there be a new international breed of human, cloned from the great man himself?

I think we should be told.

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