Friday, 14 December 2012

That Other Cro.

Once upon a time (a long time ago), a scruffy old man lived in a cave in SW France; his name was Cro Magnon. He dined on Woolly Mammoths, Bison, and Wild Boar.

His descendants stayed in that same area, and they flourished.

Nowadays they live on Confit de Canard, Foie Gras, and Croissants; and their wives run tourist shops for those who come to see where their husband's ancestors once lived.

So, if you should visit, just look up the name Magnon in the 'phone book. You may not find any, but they're there, in some cave, selling trinkets and tins of paté. Just mind your backs, as they also throw stones and spears.


  1. I have recently watched a film called The Last Neanderthal but as far as I can see there are still plenty of them about too.

  2. During my school studies, (must have been biology, I think) I always thought Cro Magnon seemed the best of the bunch.

  3. Teach them all about man's red fire and see what happens. Ug.

    1. enterprising people these primitives

  4. They were quite good painters as well - Lascaux...

  5. Feeling a tad curmudgeonly this morning Cro? Throwing stones indeed.

  6. I'm thinking perhaps they fling shit as well, like the apes love to do.

  7. Been to those caves near you.....missed you though!


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