Thursday, 27 December 2012

Après la Fête.

So, it's all over bar the sandwiches. The huge white Turkey platter is now empty, the antique sauce boat is carefully washed and stored, and the once-a-year silverware is all re-buffed and hidden away.

All went well. Our small fresh Turkey was moist and delicious, and the vegetables all as envisaged. Dinner was a success! As the cook of the house, I was able (genuinely) to slap my own back.

New Year has, traditionally, always been the major celebration of the year here in France, so we still have that to enjoy. I shall watch Jools on TV, drink too much wine, and join in with slurring the words of Auld lang syne.

In between times, we have two birthdays to celebrate (Lady M and Monty), which, as they are on successive days, we shall combine.

That's Christmas 2012; I trust you all had a good time, we certainly did!

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  1. And it was cool enough to eat it all.

  2. Mind you it isn't as hot here as it is at Tenpin's!!

  3. The dogs look suitably festive, Cro. :)

  4. In spite of his magnificent appearance it looks as though Bok is no fashionista - do I detect a certain tinsel-related betrayal in his eyes in that photograph?

  5. Fantastic that you had a good time, Cro. And congratulations on the culinary successes! Now a short hiatus before the next batch...catch your breath and rest your stomach..

  6. Gail, in northern California27 December 2012 at 17:03

    Bok: "I will do anything, anything they ask of me, to stay with this lovely family but a tinsel necklace is pushing it. It's anyone's guess what they do for New Year's."

  7. Glad you had a great time, Cro. It all sounds just perfect :)

  8. loving those gorgeous shy looking beasts.....all glittery in the season!!

  9. Sounds like a nice holiday! And your upcoming New Year/birthday celebrations sound like fun!

  10. don't step on the scale for a few weeks yet! My trousers feel a tad tighter and I know it's not shrinkage from the wash....

    Your doggies look festive, and perhaps a little bit ashamed.

  11. Did the dogs enjoy the turkey?

    1. Bok can eat anything, but Monty has a slightly delicate stomach and really just eats his special Labrador dried food. But he did have a few bits.... that's all.

  12. The dogs look marvellous!

    My MIL managed to cook the turkey for approximately ten hours. She proudly told hubby, "Look! THere's no messy liquid coming out on the platter!" I can't complain too much, as she did cook supper for us, but man oh man, she makes the driest turkey I have ever tasted...


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