Saturday, 29 December 2012

Get Back to Work!

My hens have been looking extremely scruffy and bedraggled recently; they were moulting. 

But just yesterday I noticed a marked improvement in their coiffure. They seem to have been given an overnight make-over, maybe I just hadn't seen the gradual process.

They haven't laid a single egg for over a month, so maybe their new appearance will coincide with a more serious approach to their real duties.

For the moment I'm simply forking-out on expensive nutritious food, comfy straw, and a thick pile carpet of wood shavings; and in gratitude they just hang around and do nothing. You'd better get laying soon girls; or else!

Edwina (in the middle with the darkish tail) has now sided with Richard No 1 (left), leaving Richard No 2 (right) being slightly ostracised. I'm not sure quite what to do about this; it's not overly nasty, so maybe I'll just ignore it.

I have no more ground-hugging vegetables growing at Haddock's, so the girls have been given free range. I'm trying to encourage them to scratch away at any weeds that grow; not too successfully as yet!

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  1. Lady Magnon's birthday today. She's 27, but doesn't look a day over 26½. Happy birthday cherie!

  2. Are you cooking her a special meal or dining out?

  3. Happy Birthday Lady Magnon!

    Cro, those hens deserve a little winter rest! Laying eggs is hard work! At least you get eggs part of the parrot Marco does absolutely NOTHING to earn his keep...unless looking cute counts. :)

  4. Special meal - roast chicken?

  5. Happy Birthday to the Lady of the house.... Perhaps a stern talking to would inspire the hens...or a daily screening of a chicken roast video.

  6. I've got a pack of moulting, lazy-ass hens too!!! I'm getting two or three chicken eggs a day. I need to go have a talk with those girls.

    Happy birthday Lady M!

  7. that is a fine look chicken coop, Cro. Did you design and build it?

    Happy Birthday to the lady of the house!

    1. I bought it Tara; I think it's Chinese!

  8. Hens here laying remarkably well considering the sun never shines and their patch is a spongy mud bath. Would be interested to know what you pay for a bag of food - layers pellets are now 9.40 per bag. Perhaps the cull of the slackers earlier in the season, anticipating the humongous cost of food encouraged the others...

    Hope Lady M has a lovely birthday.

  9. Happy Birthday, Lady M. Your girls have nice red combs so new laid eggs shouldn't be too far away.

  10. Happy Birthday Lady Cro! Many happy returns.

  11. I gave all my chooks away one day for idleness (some years ago) and two days afterwards discovered a huge stash of eggs in the agapanthus. I felt stoopid.

  12. Once I'm kidless, I'd like to raise chickens. I have a friend who's just started that and she loves it.


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