Tuesday, 7 January 2020

It's all very worrying.

I am no expert on the 'war crimes' of Mr Soleimani who was recently killed by the Americans, but I have to accept what I read, and am certain that he was NOT a pleasant man.

So I was extremely saddened by the sight of so many, who fled their Middle Eastern countries to live a better/safer life in the UK, gathering in Maida Vale, London, in order to mourn his passing. The Imam claimed Soleimani to be a 'martyr', and someone whose aims were to 'aspire to'. No doubt such gatherings were held at numerous other centres across the country.

Many from the Middle East had fled to the UK specifically to escape the likes of Soleimani & Co, and, now, to see those same people mourn his passing, and threaten the US, is something of an anomaly.

Under my recent title of 'New Year Resolutions for 2020' I was going to add my hopes for an end to the hatred that exists in the 'them and us' culture that is spreading across the UK and mainland Europe, but this just demonstrates how far we have to go.

Such rapprochement cannot simply be one-sided. We need compromise, understanding, and friendship on both sides. The prisons of Iran are filled with innocent young men and women who face daily torture, rape, and eventual execution as a result of Soleimani's brutal regime. Maybe those who now mourn his death should be grateful that they managed to find refuge in a more liberal UK.

Regardless of the rights or wrongs of killing Soleimani, his death can only help create a greater divide; if not eventually a full-blown war!

Having seen the attitude (on either side) towards his death, it is not impossible to imagine revenge spreading to the streets of Europe.

Boris, Macron, and Merkel, have all asked for calm..... let's hope Trump is listening. We all remember the legacy of Bush and Blair.

Addendum: This morning I hear that the Maida Vale centre is to be 'investigated'.


  1. While his death has been reported here and there would normally be good coverage of what is happening, international news is on the backburner at the moment here. Martyr, what nonsense.

    1. I suppose that the UK's 'special relationship' with the USA means that we are more involved, and therefore the incident has been more reported.

  2. And we here continue to delude ourselves that we will not be the target of revenge.

    1. I'm afraid this has put you in the hot seat. I hope they all calm down a bit!

  3. I think you meant Merkel not Markle didn't you...?

    1. That was my silly spellchecker. I'll change it; thanks.

    2. Has Markle taken over from Merkel in spellcheck hierarchy? What are things coming to.

    3. I think I spelt Merkel with an 'a', and they naturally thought I meant Markle. I didn't check.

  4. A non-Event here. Police said 120 demonstrators. 100 for the late general and 20 on the other side.
    The foreign ministry computer was hacked. They say Russians / but then they always do don’t they. A new government was sworn in this morning exactly 100 days after the election and the caretaker government of experts stood down. All very orderly and kafkaesque.

    1. Being miles away from civilisation, there is very little sign of discontent here. I just hope it stays that way.

  5. Markle/Merkel? Reminds me of the old joke about the guy who made a Freudian slip at the dinner table. He intended to say, "Father, please pass the mashed potatoes." Instead, the slip occurred and it came out, "You miserable bastard! You've ruined my life!" Things happen.

    Seriously though, I'm in complete agreement with your basic sentiments. I fear history is about to do a repeat act, and not for the good.

    Cheers anyway!

    1. I have been known to make equally similar simple mistakes myself. Europe has had years of open-door policy for refugees. No-one has any idea who they are/were, and there are now several large towns where you would honestly think you were somewhere in the Middle East. One always hopes that they will assimilate, but many show no sign. Occasionally they show where their true allegiances lie.

  6. Worrying to think we could be drawn into a war situation again.. my husband lost a nephew in Iraq.

    1. The developments are coming thick and fast. 50 mourners died in Iran, an Ukranian airliner crashed, 2 airstrips attacked in Iraq, and an earthquake in Tehran. Let's hope things now calm. Both sides have had 'satisfaction', and can now hold talks. Deep breaths all round.


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