Monday, 9 December 2013

Lady Magnon's Tarte Tatin.

There are Apple pies and Apple pies, but nothing compares to a well made Tart Tatin.

Lady Magnon has spent about 40 years perfecting this wonderful Apple tart, and I think she's just about cracked it! The one above we ate last night.

When we first met she invited me to dinner (a rare occurrence in student days). She had prepared a wonderful Estofat de Boeuf  which she served with ribbon noodles, and a superb Tarte Tatin. The young Cro was mightily impressed (and the rest is history).

This upside down, buttery, tart is (when made correctly) the zenith of culinary mastership. If you've never had one.... do so at once.

The recipe for Raymond Blanc's much tidier version is available here. Lady M also adds a pinch of ground cinnamon (but who am I to suggest that Raymond Blanc does likewise).

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  1. She knew the way to your heart, then.

    1. I suspect that her mother had advised her!

  2. I am afraid my culinary skills are sadly lacking in that department - well done Lady M.

  3. That is beautiful. She did good!

  4. Cro, you never stood a chance after all that culinary delight and I bet you've never looked back

  5. wow, that tarte is making my mouth water!

  6. Good lord, Estofat de Boeuf with ribbon noodles, and a superb Tarte Tatin to follow? Small wonder you have been happily together so long.

  7. Mmmmm that looks delish!

  8. Surely you could just tuck one of those a box and send it to Canada? :)


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