Sunday, 26 January 2014

Sunday Special: Made to Last.

There I was, peeling a few spuds, when I realised how long I've owned this cheap little peeler.

I know I had it when I was a student, and I probably had it before then when I lived in London. It's followed me around for more years than I care to remember, and has always served me well.

It is simple, practical, and I expect it cost no more than a few pence.

How wonderful to know that there are still things around that don't have built-in obsolescence.

Do you own an equally banal object, that's been with you for ever? (no husband or wife jokes please). 


  1. Very impressive! I was also impressed by your coat you blogged about sometime back even though I didn't comment.
    I laughed about the husband/wife thing. Had not thought of that.
    My car is a 1991 Honda. About every year now my son says I need to get a new car. I told him I would but it's still newer than my body - considerably.

    1. A car doesn't need changing, unless it needs changing.

  2. I have a green mountaineering hat which is basically a double layered wool bobble hat (I have never been near a mountain) I bought in a mountaineering shop at the bottom of Grey Street, in Newcastle in 1974. I still wear it and it has been all around the world with me, including the Sahara Desert. I had to make a new bobble for it last year because one of my cats took a fancy to the old one and chewed the wool out of it. When I moved house last year I destroyed an anorak which was the first item of clothing I was allowed to go out and buy on my own which was in 1965 and it cost £4.19.11d. I can't think of anything else I have had that long that is still in use.

  3. I bought a proper bakestone when I was a student in 1974...still going strong.

  4. I have quite a few of the shower gifts we were given and they are in use...that would be about 40 years now. I have a few pieces from a manicure set I was given in grade 6. Since I can't make husband jokes I guess that's about it.

  5. My O/H bought a table with a red formica top in 1970 - we still use it and it's still as good as the day he bought it

  6. I have a pizza cutter/wheel that we've used for 35 years. Still slices like the day we bought it. Old stuff is the best stuff. :)

  7. Chopping board, it's a sample of a solid beech worktop, about 12" x 7" x 1.5", obtained free 30-some years ago and been in constant use every day, it's developing a unique shape, a depression where most of the chopping is centred.
    And a butchers steel, must be 40 years, still keeping my chopping knife sharp.

  8. I have a veg peeler my Gram gave me when i was setting up my own place. It had been her sister's. Gram preferred a paring knife to peel potatoes. I have two sweaters that are vintage, but i got them knew. One, a purple and white striped turtleneck in 1968 that i can squeeze into and another, solid marroon, from 1974. That one still fits okay although it is starting to wear a bit thin.

  9. I had a vegetable peeler like that which I threw away with the peelings one day - & I couldn't find it again. I have never found one as good since. We have quite a few things that were wedding presents 29 years ago, but I think that my pie slice, which mum gifted to me when I went to college (because every self respecting student needs a pie slice, right?!) is the closest to your was already quite well used when mum gave it to me, & I still use it today, despite the fact that the blade is a bit wobbly!

  10. My mother's rolling pin from the 1950s! :)


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