Tuesday, 25 October 2011

The Grands.

For all of us who have them, our own grandchildren are the brightest, best looking, future conquerors of the world. Rarely can they do wrong, or be criticised in any way. And, having just received these photos of my two London based boys, I think I now have a small insight into how their futures might pan out.

Ollie, above, will certainly become a fireman.... he never quits his fireman's helmet....or stops showing-off his 6-pack. I've no idea what those green things are.... or why he keeps them tucked into his trousers.

And Harvey J will no doubt become a transatlantic pilot. He's even got his own plane (well, he borrowed it for a bit)! Chocks away Harv'....


  1. I love those pictures, Cro. A fireman and a pilot - what else could ask for.

  2. They look like fireman's water pistols, Cro - an essential part of any fire-fighting kit.

    That plane is soooo cool I might nick the design and make one for myself!

  3. Lovely photos. (Wistful sigh)

  4. Whole new world for me, this grandchild thing. It has been a very rushed and instant sort of process, and things are far from 'official', so we are just jumping in with both feet and letting it be.
    So far...so good!
    Those boys are precious.

  5. They're SO cute! You must be so proud of them.

  6. My boys, Jack and Christian are heading my way this weekend ... Jack (9yrs) has always said he wants to be a pilot! Christian (4yrs) ... mmmm still undecided!.... Oh he did say the other day, when he grew up he wanted to live with me... Yeah!

  7. too cute Cro, their so handsome! Yes, those green things are probley guns..........or water hoses~ that plane is to die for.~Linda

  8. Beautiful little boys!

    From the time my granddaughter Emma was four, she has wanted to be an entomologist. She is 10 now and wants to be an artist/musician/emtomologist. I wonder how that is going to pan out. When I was 10, I just wanted to have all my marbles. Come to think of it, that is all I still want.

  9. They are the best looking children on the planet...

  10. The other 2 grandchildren are quite nice too aparently!

    1. Thank you Anon for reminding me; of course they are!


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