Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Cleaning the Augean stables.

The labour Party has been having a public clear-out of a few anti-Semitic members. Of the 673 reported cases of anti-Semitism, there have been just 12 expulsions.

Above is Labour Leader Jezza Corbyn (in white shirt), in Tunisia in 2014, laying a wreath at the tomb of Palestinian Black-September terrorists, some of whom were involved in the 1972 Munich Games massacre.

He can writhe, squirm, and make as many excuses as he wants, but I'm amazed that the 12 hasn't been increased to 13, with Corbyn being the 13th.

With more time on his hands, he might then like to lay a wreath at the memorial (above) to those innocent un-armed Israeli Olympic athletes who were so callously gunned-down by Palestinians (just to balance things up a bit; you understand).


  1. Was NO COMMENT an instruction?

    1. No. I think the sentiment was just too obvious to be worthy of any comments.

  2. Only 2 MPs have ever been on a no admission list for every British military base worldwide. Corbyn is one. He was on the list for 25 years and may well still be. Speaks volumes I think!


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