Saturday, 11 June 2011

The Wisdom of Eddie.....

Nothing really changes. This could have been written yesterday, or even tomorrow. I want my own 'Coupe de Ville'; make my dad pay the beel (bill)...... In my case it was a white VW Beetle, but same idea.

Poor Eddie Cochran died in a hospital in the UK's town of Bath, aged 21. He was halfway through his 1960 British tour (with Gene Vincent and others) when his taxi blew a tyre and crashed. Eddie was the only one killed..... RIP  (Rock in Peace).


  1. It's a shame I put this up on a Saturday too.

  2. Ah, great song. And what swagger for a young buck. Sad he died so young.

  3. Twenty one is very young to die! Like you say Cro - "Eddie - rock on in peace!"

  4. Gosh, I remember Eddie so well. He was so cool and when he died, he became even more popular. I remember reading so many articles about him when I was a teenager.


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