Monday, 22 November 2010

Uncles eh! Oo'd 'ave 'em.

"Off to the colonies with you m'boy; and send back tea!"

No doubt my grandfather gave such instructions to my uncle (my father's older brother; front row, snappy suit, two tone shoes, 2nd from left), when he was sent off to Ceylon; now Sri Lanka.

Well he did send back tea, as well as some furs, and a few jewels. Then he got ill; paratyphoid I believe. And my poor grandfather had to send out an English doctor, all the way to Colombo, to bring him home.

Typical. You send your errant offspring off to the colonies, then (just when you thought you were rid of them) it costs a bloody fortune to have them repatriated.

I'm posting this picture of my uncle mostly for the amusement of my oldest son Kimbo, who holds a morbid fascination for the more licenscious members of my family.

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  1. I love what you do with your grandchildren, such a sweet grandpa. Can I copy ? with your blessing....thanks!

  2. Of course you may Linda. I would be upset if you didn't!

  3. You have to love men with elegant ankles!

  4. I like the guy in the dark jacket and bow tie. He's like a haggard-looking Bing Crosby. Such attitude, these guys!

  5. The cig' in his mouth is a bit unfortunate.

  6. What a fascinating picture. Your great-uncle looks quite debonair.

  7. And the fellow with his hand on his hip, oh my.


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