Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Paté Making 2012.

When there's a 7 Kilo lump of belly pork, 1½ Kilos of hand of pork, and a good sized duck foie gras, all together on the kitchen table, there's only one thing to do;... make next year's Paté.   

Last year, and in 2010, I slightly under-salted my Paté, so this year I've done what I should have done previously, and fried up a small amount of the mixture, to taste before bottling. One needs to put a lot more salt in than one imagines. Grammes of salt, per kilo of meat, mean nothing; taste is the only way. I'm hoping I've got it right this time, it certainly seemed so.

And here's the result. Above are my ten cooled and cleaned 200 gm jars; I'll process another eight 350 gm jars today.

I'm just doing my 'Special Paté' this year. A good coarse peasant Paté with a walnut sized heart of foie gras in each jar.

Our ordinary 'every-day' Paté for 2013 will be bought ready made. I've discovered some wonderful commercial Patés over the years (especially certain espelette flavoured Basque Patés), and it's simply not worth my time bothering to try to better them.

N.B. If you wish to see how I do everything, type Paté 2011 into the little white box on the top left hand corner of my page, click the search button, and it'll come up (é = AltGr + e).

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  1. Oh that does look good she says drooling.

  2. my dear Sir, is there anything you CAN'T do?

  3. Very tasty I suspect - you are a wonder

  4. You talents constantly amaze me. This sounds to die for...

  5. Even though you are working with another womans still looks fabulous. Set mine aside, I'll be there right after the New Year

    1. Is no organique. Pleeze forgivings me.

  6. Who said the fellow could only paint...what a great feeling it is to look at the finished product which ever it may be,I think that is why we pickle,jam,preserve and now this,well done Cro.

  7. Hunter, gatherer, provider......such a good 'fess up...what are you rotten at?

  8. I also love pate. It's the only way i can really eat liver.

  9. Is there anything you can't do??

  10. You always make it sound so delicious...I want a taste!

  11. I love paté. I read your article, paté 2011, when you say 'sterilise', do you mean boiling in the jar?

    As an aside, my restaurant is nearly finished and I need to employ a decent chef. With all that unemployment and depression in Europe, I was thinking that I might find an adventurous young chef who would be willing to come to Angola for a bit of an adventure, a tax free salary, free food and accommodation etc, initially to help get the place running and establish its reputation while training up a couple of sous chefs and then, if we all liked each other and business was good, persuade he or she to stay on longer perhaps with a share of the restaurant profits.

    Try as I might on the internet, however, I have not managed to access any of the European employment agencies so that I can let them know of and advertise the opportunity. I have tried the professional employment websites and been very disappointed. I could stick an advert on line but surely the best source would be the employment agencies? After all, it is their job to get people off the dole.

    Could you perhaps steer me in the right direction? Sorry to be so off topic and to be begging a favour but I really do not know anyone in France I can ask!


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