Thursday, 15 September 2011

As if I haven't got enough to do.....

My work on the Séchoir has begun.

I'm replacing all the old cladding boards that are either twisted, broken, or rotten, and am giving the whole caboodle a lick of black all-in-one wood treatment. The only bit that needs serious work is the south facing exterior (with the ladder), where the sun has reeked its havoc on the simple pine boards. The other three sides are perfect.

The next job is to lay a concrete floor throughout. I've just received a quote from my local guy, which includes a rather trendy polished finish (for which they use an amusingly named 'hélicoptère'). I think I may have to approach the Banque de France for a loan, providing they have such huge funds available.

I still haven't submitted the (extensive) paperwork for the planning permission, but I have no doubt that they'll be accepted (eventually). However, we're quite philisophical about the whole business; if by any chance we're refused permission we'll simply save our money and make it into a dance hall, or picnic site, or roller skating rink, or indoor cricket nets, or maybe I'll just build myself a 'plane in it, or a racing car.....

p.s. The man who will lay the concrete has just mentioned to me that it was 'he himself' who originally built the two adjacent barns (we only own the nearest one). I must remember to ask him in what year, and write it over the main door.
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  1. I hope your planning permission goes through Ok. We live 100m from an historic building so ours is very long and laborious, not to say restrictive!!
    Good luck. Have you thought of doing the floor yourself with a band of willing helpers. We did that for our patio round the pool. It was a bit nerve-wraking but it went ok.

  2. Sue. My youngest son wanted us to do it together, but it's 140 Square M's and needs a lot of filling..... Much easier to get a pro' in. I believe the polishing also has to be done at the same time.

  3. you'll be sweating a little more under that beret!
    don't work too hard

  4. Looks like a very simple, beautiful building.

    The job satisfaction when completed will be huge. Keep going...

  5. You could just dry out tobacco in it if all else fails.

  6. Roller skating rink would be cool!

  7. It is always good to hire a pro for something that could be backbreaking. We used to do everything ourselves, but we are learning now that it is not always the most inexpensive way to go.

  8. Good luck getting that permit. (Isn't it annoying that we have to get permission to makes changes on our own doggone property?!)If the permit is a bust, I vote for the dance hall.

  9. Gorgeous looking barn...hope that you get the permit. don't be like us when renovating and adding a cement floor...made the mix too runny and nearly drowned in the depth of it!!!

  10. what a project! Yeah, I believe in bringing in the pros on big jobs like this. our bodies are getting too fragile to risk doing these mammoth jobs. Best of luck with the permit! It's been too long since I've stopped by...I have to catch up now.


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