Saturday, 16 November 2013

Who Loves You?

An interesting question!

Lady Magnon just about 'tolerates' me. She tolerates the holes in my shoes, socks, trousers, pants, T shirts, and sweatshirts. She tolerates my unusual sense of tidiness. And she tolerates my intolerance.

My three children have now accepted that I'm the only father they'll ever have. Having drawn life's short straw, they humour me, pretend to laugh at my jokes, and pat me on the head when I demonstrate my dire lack of technical knowledge (and knowledge in general). 

My grandsons know no better. I'm just their 'Grumpy', who supplies them with adventures, danger, and occasionally sweets. 

However, there is one who loves me above all else; my lovely Bok. He follows me around nudging himself against my hand and legs, he settles on my lap when I watch TV staring permanently up into my eyes. In his own special way, he has told me that he would lay down his life for me. 

He is devoted to me to the extent of being 'intrusive'. He has become my very shadow.  

I make no comparisons, but George V had a dog who loved him so much that he would faint every time they met. At their very last meeting, the dog passed out, and remained 'out' for the entire hour of their encounter.

Bok has yet to follow this fine example, but I'm expecting it at any minute.

And, of course, his daddy loves him too!


  1. Aww, lovely boy. There's nothing to equal the devotion of a good dog.

  2. Man hath no greater love than a faithful dog.

  3. I have a terrier that is heading the same way. I have to watch where I'm putting my feet.
    I have always got on better with animals than humans.

  4. Aw, you sound just as soppy... I hope Bok doesn't develop fainting-at-you, however. It would be inconvenient.

    My Shelly would wait for me outside the loo, nose to the space under the door. Made me slightly uncomfortable but of course the kids thought it hilarious, and would tell it at dinner-parties.

  5. Fainting? 'Dogs who love too much'.

  6. I have a cat like that and although she drives me mad following me from room to room she love's being with me and shows it. I had a lump in my throat reading this, lovely post.

  7. He's a lovely boy.

  8. My dog Charlie is going the same way. He will not get into the truck or car with me but he'll run miles alongside me as I drive between sites.

  9. Ellie was like that, I miss her every single day.
    My other dog is nice and I am fond of her, but she is a self-interested dog, who is mainly focussed on getting her own needs met.
    How I miss those big brown eyes quietly watching my every move. Undemanding and companionable. She slept on the floor beside my bed at night and was without doubt, my dog.
    Some days I feel so terribly sad that she is gone.

    1. Our Monty thinks 100% of food. He's really not affectionate at all; but still adored.

  10. Life would not be worth living without an animal by your side..

  11. There is nothing that compares to the love of a dog.....nothing. Can't imagine life without their adoring eyes. Bok is a big sweetheart. :)

  12. What a sweetie! The look of love is evident on Bok's handsome face.

    Since young cat Jim has gone, both Phoebe and Jo are reminding me that they love me. Both take turns following me around or being in the same room where i am, just so we can be together.

  13. Still, eyars after their demise, I will go to the back door with a leftover chop or other treat and call out the name of one of past dogs EMILY...CHUBBS...Even PENNY gone since the mid 70's. I have loved every dog and yet cannot imagine loving the two I have now Fannie and Ashland any less than those before them. Bok is a lucky pup indeed.

  14. One of the few things in life that you can count on is that your dog will love you all of his days.


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