Saturday, 1 October 2011

Kimbo's Summer Ball.

Being a father (I'm talking about my oldest son, above) to two very young school children has both its advantages and disadvantages.

You are obliged to attend every school function to which you are invited, you have to follow a strict dress code, and if all the other fathers then get pissed you can't allow them to out-piss you.

Poor Kimbo, we 'Skyped' him the following morning, and he wasn't a happy bunny.

Still; you're only middle-aged once! "Show me the way to go home.... I'm tired and I want...

p.s. Do all schools do this? Black tie just for a parental summer get-together? What on earth are our schools coming to!
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  1. No we keep it quite casual in rural Devon - but there's always a bar at school functions - except the school disco but all the grown up helpers get a sneaky wine or two!

  2. I hadn't heard of this phenomenon Cro...when our girls were in school, it was all tea and cakes.

  3. God, I am so thankful to be through with those awful school functions. Long gone....

  4. From what I have heard, the teachers are lucky if the fathers show up at all. You see mostly mothers at these functions.

    However, your son seems to have a glass of some fine spirits in his hand. If they allowed that, more dads would be present.

  5. As a retired teacher, I can tell you that I was always surprised to see the father at any school events. And never in black-tie.
    You are the man.


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