Sunday, 11 September 2011

9-11. RIP Olga Kristin White.

My old friend Jock Veitch was a journalist, and at one time in his career had been a medical writer for The Star newspaper of New York. It was through this mutual role of medical correspondent that he had met, and became friends with, Kristen White (above).

I, myself, met Kristen several times at Jock's house here in France, once spending a wonderful evening sitting beside her at dinner. She was a charming, attractive, and fascinating woman; the perfect guest for one of Jock's regular drawn-out gastronomic soirées. We became instant friends; she was the sort of person one warms to at once, and doesn't forget.

On the 11th of September 2001 Kristen was sitting in seat number 21C of United Airways flight No 93; she was intending to fly to San Francisco; in fact her life ended in a field in Shanksville Pennsylvania at 10.03 am, at the hands of al-Qaeda terrorists.

It is thought that flight 93 was destined for either The Capitol or The White House. There was a scuffle on board between passengers and terrorists (I like to think that Kristin did her bit), and the terrorists decided to abandon their vile mission and crash.

10 years have now passed, and I continue to think of poor Kristin. Her life was not intended to end like that, nor were those of the other 3000 innocent victims who also died that day.

RIP Kristin. Our paths crossed only briefly but you left your mark, and I think of you often.


  1. Cro this is sad and there are a thousand of these stories, it makes it all the more real when we meet someone involved, for us it has changed Bobs birthday forever,it is a celebration of his birth but a memorial for so many that her lovely soul and how lovely that she will not be forgotten.

  2. It is really impossible to process that day even ten years later......all those beautiful people...bless you for showing us a bit of the life of such a wonderful she has life in my thoughts......

  3. cro
    I too have been thinking, like you have done about "what could have been"
    One of my best friends Ian Parry, was killed in a Russian cargo plane crash in 1989. He was returning back from Romania
    he was a talented journalistic photographer

    how sad people like him and your friend are no longer with us
    least we forget eh?

  4. This day is one of those that you always remember what you were doing and where you were, like John Kennedy's shooting.

    I had cycled home for lunch from work and saw it on the TV but didn't realise it was actually REAL. When I got back to work, everyone in the office was talking about it and people were really frightened.

  5. Thank you for inviting me to read this post. God bless Kristin. x

  6. Sad to see a brilliant person like that taken from this earth before their time.

  7. Cro, Thank you for sharing one person's life with us in this way. How blessed you have been to have met such a wonderful person, and make her more personable to us. It is still painful.

  8. I think every person needs his or her story told like this. For what I was doing on my birthday on September 11, 2001, take a look at my 9/11 post.

  9. 9/11 seems more poignant than ever this 10th anniversary. We held a 2 minute silence this morning, for all those who lost their lives.

  10. Thanks for sharing your story of your friend. The personal bits make the event more real.

  11. What a sad ending to so many lives...and now Kristin's life made vivid by your account here. I'll bet you miss her terribly.

    You've brought her to life for your readers, now. Thank you.


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