Tuesday, 3 May 2011

EU or No EU?

As Gordon (son of the manse) Brown signed away England's sovereignty to the EU, others were openly laughing behind his back. Yes, they really were. They'd just pinned a sign saying 'MUG' on his back!

I really don't know if England's membership of the EU is advantageous or not, but certain facts are inescapable.

Let's compare the UK's annual contribution to the EU, with tiny Luxembourg's. Each year the UK contributes €103 Billion, and Lux' €2.3 Billion. UK receives back €4.6 Billion, and Lux' €10 Billion. The net benefit per capita is MINUS €937 for every UK resident, and PLUS €16,170 for every Lux' resident.

OK, the UK is a wealthy country, and Lux' is a tin-pot state filled with multi-millionaires. But what the hell is going on here? I fail to understand why each and every UK citizen should be out-of-pocket by €937, whilst the super rich residents of Luxembourg each benefit to the tune of €16,170 (maybe that's WHY they're so effing rich).

You may wonder why I've chosen to compare the UK to Luxemburg. Well, according to the IMF Luxembourg is the second richest country in the world (after Qatar), by GDP per capita.... Don't you, like me, get the impression that something's gone seriously wrong in all this?


  1. I had a sneaky feeling that something was wrong before you furnished us with the statistics, Cro. Even if you halved your figures, I would still be depressed - unless they were pulled out of thin air by a UKIP member. It would still be a despicable carve-up, even if it were in the UK's favour.

  2. The stats come from Wiki's EU contributions by country. It's worth a look.

  3. I've just re-checked the IMF ratings for 2010. Luxemburg is now No 1 in the world's rich-list, whilst the UK comes a paltry 22nd.

  4. Geez where does that leave us! we are just the country cousin, however it always astounds me that as we strugle as soon as a far away unheard of place is in trouble our country fins zillions for them whilst our aged are suffering dreadfully in paltry conditions,the world is a crazy place and it seems that no more does charity begin at home,just ranting lol

  5. You're right Carole. The day that Bob Geldof does a concert for the people of the UK; I'll eat me proverbial!

  6. Glad I'm not in that mess. It sounds very confusing,


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