Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Naked Ladies (and men).

Let's face it, young men and naked ladies; sounds like hard work doesn't it.

In fact after your very first five minutes, life drawing simply becomes a discipline. You draw; she sits. You're dreaming of Ursula Andress; she looks like Bernard Manning. You're trying to get your drawing to look half-bloody-decent; she's got an itch that simply won't go away.

Then some overpaid lecturer (who pretends to be an expert) comes along and criticizes everything you've spent the last two hours doing. You rub it all out and begin again. She's moved. I've moved. Your pencil breaks. Your hands are covered in charcoal dust. You give up and go to the pub. And, hell's teeth, it starts all over again the following day.
Weeks, months, years, you sit in front of these sad pennyless models, scratching away with your 2B. They hate it; you hate it. The paper mills of Scandinavia are put on overtime; the lead mines of North Wales take on extra choristers.
Why do we do it? Because it makes us LOOK! That overpaid twit can tell at once if you're just 'SEEING'. So we are forced to LOOK, LOOK, and LOOK again.
The two examples above (circa 1969) are just throw-away reminders of those wonderful days. I've long forgotten her name, but she was a good model. She probably should have been sitting for Mr Rubens; just look at those thighs, or was I dreaming!
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  1. I think that was me lol the thighs look awfully familiar...seriously though how frustrating but I imagine that is when you learned about patience.I was wondering did you make your living with your art or did you do it part time and work another job?..I think it would be wonderful if you could have lived off your art,however maybe there were many hungry days as artists seem to be more famous after they leave this living world...Just curious

  2. Carole, I did a little teaching, lots of painting, but mostly wine drinking! We all leave college with great ambitions, but..

  3. I remember a model who used to bring in photos of himself and his wife naked. And for some reason...dreamt it?? I've got it in my head that we had Quentin Crisp. That's not possible is it?????????????????????

  4. None of my the males in my life drawings have pink hair, so I think not! But a nice idea. Do you remember Silvester? A youngish black guy who was always to be seen dancing on Top of the Pops.

  5. Ah, this takes me back to my college days in art school. These are both remarkable, Cro. The first is so deliciously lucid. I love the stylistic crosshatching the the second. It was a treat to see them, thanks.

  6. Every time I pass Moreton Hall I think _ Cro used to teach there! If my OH would slow down a bit as we're going by I'd take a photo for you!

  7. Vaguely remember Silvester...but I don't think I ever drew him


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